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  • UL tested and listed, W-L-7249, for shower valve penetrations with code required equal “T” rating
  • Non-metallic and metallic escutcheon plates
  • Metal and wood stud framing
  • Minimum 2-1/2 inch shaft wall included
  • Tested in back to back configurations
  • Barri-Box constructed of galvanized metal with separate back piece to allow for new construction and retrofit applications
  • Slots in the box allow for running supply lines through the mat material
  • Standard sizes: 7x7, 7x8, 8x8, and 10x10 in 2.75 depth. Custom sizes and depths are available
  • Patent Pending. Made in the United States of America


  • UL tested and listed, W-L-7248, for membrane penetrations with code required equal "T" rating
  • Tested in metal and wood stud construction
  • Cabinets include: fire extinguisher cabinets and boxes, electrical panel boxes, med-gas mixing valves, utility boxes, wall safes, utility controllers, eye wash stations, etc.
  • High temperature fire board back with sides of a flexible intumescent mat material that fold inward when inserted, sealing the framed opening
  • Fits within rough opening dimension guidelines given by most cabinet manufacturers
  • Red color easily identifiable as a fire resistant product
  • Patent Pending. Made in the United States of America

Easy Access Grease Duct Door

  • UL 1978 tested for grease leakage and fire
  • Meets NFPA 96 and IMC requirements for being liquid and grease tight, with no fasteners penetrating the duct walls
  • Pre-insulated for ASTM E-2336 systems, hinged door opens at the surface of the wrap
  • Quick Access Captive fasteners allow for opening and closing of the door in under a minute
  • Door body Frame installs separately, allowing wrap to butt to it, eliminating seams and taping, with the complete door installation at a substantial time savings to that of competing doors
  • Banding slot in frame to maintain spacing requirements
  • Standard sizes: 6x10, 8x12, 12x12, 12x16, and 2ox20
  • Patent Pending. Made in the United States of America

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